Product features

outlets management

Venue Management

Add venue with name, address, picture, latitude and longitude, working hours, and link venue with stations. So users can easily check station information.

Remote Stations Management

Monitor station status in real-time, stop or reboot stations, disable or enable one specific slot, unlock power bank, and so on. You can manage all your stations remotely and easily.

station management
power bank tracking

Power Bank Tracking

From which station and slot and by which user did this power bank be rented, and where was it returned? You can track the power bank and have all the information.

Manage Rental Orders

Rental orders are grouped by status and can be canceled, refunded, terminated, or edited, so you can easily handle business operations.

rental orders management
franchise system

Franchise system

Expand your power bank sharing business quickly with Franchise Program. The build-in franchise system helps you manage franchisee and revenue share easily.

Advanced insights and reporting

Abundant analysis reports help you gain insights into your business, assisting work optimization and improving revenue.

advanced insights and reporting